9 Reasons to Hire a Financial Planner

From saving for your children’s growing college expenses to planning for your own retirement, life brings a multitude of financial costs. Working with a financial advisor can help you prepare for the future and avoid any major financial road bumps along the way.

At Santiago Orchard Financial and Insurance Services, we want to help you create a financial plan for your family by taking your specific needs and monetary goals to develop a strategy for a successful financial future. Read below to discover why working with a financial advisor is the right decision for your family’s financial future.

Creating a financial budget

Developing an extensive financial plan takes discipline that many of us do not have time to commit to. Financial advisors can help you review your net worth and credit scores, and use that information to help balance your budget and develop a financial plan. Investing now in a financial advisor can pay back later on.

Finances and marriage

Getting married can be one of life’s most exciting stepping stones. Financially speaking, it can also be one of the most complex. Combining assets and income (and debt) between partners requires careful, strategic planning. Working with a financial advisor can simplify the process and help you and your fiancé plan your combined financial objectives and budget for the future.

Divorce expenses

Like getting married, the division of financial assets is a complex process. Divorces are often expensive affairs – but they don’t have to be. A financial advisor can help you avoid any mistakes that will cost you unnecessary money during a divorce. They can also help your family divide up financial assets and help each partner adjust to their new financial situation.

Savings for college tuition

With college expenses increasing every year, it becomes imperative to start saving money for your kids’ higher education – and soon. Avoid the stress of being able to afford college tuition and fees by working with a financial advisor to save money and realistically plan for your children’s educational future.

Homeowning expenses

Paying off a home’s mortgage can be a daunting financial hurdle. A financial planner can go over which mortgage options work best for you and the financial ramifications that come with each option.

Planning for retirement

Retiring comfortably takes planning – and lots of it. A financial planner will analyze your current financial situation and develop a financial strategy that will catapult you to your financial saving goals. Retirement savings options can seem endless, but speaking with a financial planner from Santiago Orchard can simplify the process and ease the burden of saving for your life post-retirement.

Taking care of loved ones

Becoming a caregiver for a loved one comes with added financial complications. A financial planner will be able to assist your family in developing a strategy to cover bills and determine eligibility for governmental aid and benefits.

Financial windfall

You may not win the lottery, but you could find yourself with an extra, rather large sum of money one day, whether it’s from inheritance or an unexpected bonus. A financial advisor will help you plan and avoid any pitfalls should you find yourself suddenly receiving a financial windfall.

Meeting your investment goals

Investment accounts can help you save for your short, medium, and long-term goals. Once you’ve maintained your financial position, investing can help you enhance it and increase your wealth. Putting money into investments comes with risks, but a good financial planner will highlight all potential risks before recommending any course of action.

Forbes details the importance behind financial planners, “Hiring the right advisor isn’t free, so carefully consider their fee structure, but don’t get too bogged down with the “cost” of their services without considering the value they bring to the table.” A financial advisor who will work to accomplish your financial goals is not far away. Contact Santiago Orchard Financial and Insurance Services for a free consultation and begin imagining a brighter financial future.